2007 October 31

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tinyurl command line tool

2007 October 31

Create an executable file called "tinyurl" in your executable path which contains something like:

useful comments here which boil down to:

possible, but only useful if you need at least one fully dedicated virtual server, and it’s also a hassle.

Trinity vs Millsaps

2007 October 30

I laughed so hard that I cried.

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Ego Baiting

2007 October 30

  1. Post inflamatory comment about someone egotistical enough to have their own "blog", and include link to their "blog".
  2. Since they are egotistical, they will be checking their preferred blog indexing and serching services for links to and mentions of themself.
  3. They will link back to the post of yours that mentioned them with probability 0 < p < 1
  4. ?
  5. Profit!

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Concept Canon Camera Folding over Finger
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Bonferroni’s Principle

2007 October 29

The U.S. Terrorist Watch List appears to be growing in some kind of automated fashion. Given the current size, it seems to have run into Bonferroni's Principle.read more…