Who is BP?

2008 November 17

This NPR podcast starts with, "Support for NPR podcasts comes from BP, who believes that we can achieve energy security by . . ."

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Here's what I don't get about the Colorado "definition of person" thing:

If a fertilized egg were to be defined as a person — presumably in order to define abortion as a form of murder — then wouldn't that also define miscarriage as a form of manslaughter?

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Gay Marriage

2008 November 3

Here's what I don't understand about the gay marriage debate:

1. Are there any salient legal differences between heterosexual civil marriage and a homosexual civil union other than the name?  Can two people in a civil union file their federal income tax as married?

2. In this modern day, why is the government even involved in (heterosexual) marriage in the first place?  Wouldn't it be possible to split marriage into:

A) The religious part, called "marriage", which is handled by your church (or not) as you please.

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There's a relationship between daylight savings switchover days and heart attacks.  The scientist guesses that more sleep and/or regular sleep patterns help prevent heart attacks, and that less sleep and/or irregular sleep patterns cause more heart attacks.

More heart attacks in the week after losing an hour and fewer in the week after gaining an hour

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