Headache, Hour 100

2011 August 31

I’ve had a headache off and on now for around 100 hours.  The bursts of pain are conspiring together with a brain in a restless, roving mood to keep me awake.

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Gorgonzola at -9 months

2011 August 21

Yesterday, Emily and I met a woman who told us about her friend who is also pregnant. Said friend didn’t want to know the gender of the fetus, which left the woman with a conundrum—what to call the baby? Not really liking the word “it”, she told us she decided to call it “spawn.”

Our doctors use a “‘baby’ as a pronoun” strategy.  “When ‘baby’ is born…”, “You should feel ‘baby’ kicking…”, “‘Baby’ might still turn between now and then…” etc.

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To remove all of the data from a specific Splunk index without using the slow "| delete" command:
  1. Stop Splunk
    /path/to/splunk  stop
  2. Delete all the data from a specific index (for example “main“):
    /path/to/splunk clean eventdata -index main


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